Applications & markets


Ruggedizers by Alcom is a complete range of Industrial Mobile Computing solutions that handle the most demanding field applications within markets such as Public Safety, Field Service, Agriculture, Construction, Environmental, Logistics and Manufacturing.  Meeting the most severe standards in harsh environments, our customers are guaranteed to take the safe choice for their “above standard consumer”, professional and industrial mobile computing ” requirements.  We help to improve productivity and efficiency in the field without sacrificing performance of the chosen Rugged Mobile Computing solution.

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Field Service

iRuggy tablet in use for field service


truck with logs


GIS application image


industrial tablet use


Logistical warehouse image


Man holding a rugged tablet in a manufacturing line


Medical market image


Man holding tablet for mining applications

Public Safety

A mid-adult male african american law enforcement officer uses a modern electronic touch screen tablet to enter a citiation or look up information while outdoors.

Public Transport

Nautiz X8 scanning for public transport


iRuggy tablet in a truck for transportation


Warehousing market